Yes so its been about 2 weeks now and we are up to 200 subscribers of our new calling service. It seems all these other prison calling services has been jacking people around for a while overcharging and under providing. Well since were new to the game we are offering service for just $17 a month UNLIMITED! No more per minute charges.
Now a few people may be skeptical because we are new and think because our forum is fairly new and with only a handful of people visiting the site. Well I say nay sayers come back in a few months and hear the reviews for yourself. We are already in a half dozen magazines and prison newspapers and have more conventional and non conventional advertising on the way. But I warn you The prices will likely go up for people that wait down the line to sign up. These are introductory prices and current subscribers will have the price locked in for the life of their subscription. So lets do this together Join and lets make this a valuable service for our loved ones locked down in the system.